Tony Ingram

Anthony (Tony) Ingram has served in the education arena for over 25 years.  He continually serves as a trainer, and motivational speaker.  Additionally, he has designed, implemented and conducted professional workshops and seminars to aid school systems, public agencies and a broad range of private sector industries in better performing their duties. 

As an Education Consultant, Tony has served clients such as: The Administration for Family and Children Services, The Atlanta Board of Education, Western Kentucky-Training and Technical Assistance Division, The National Black Child Development Institute.  Offering more than 25 years of professional experience in the field of human services with non-profit organizations that serve economically disadvantaged and at-risk populations with local, state, regional and national grant awards.  My skill sets include but are not limited to:

Program Design and Management: Strength-based approach to non-profit program and state association management, which considers effectiveness and capacity in relation to quality improvement and strategic planning as well as policy development and implementation.   Demonstrated ability to effectively design and implement planning, communication, and monitoring, as well as record-keeping and reporting systems to produce desirable outcomes.

Human and Community Resource Development: Formation of organizational and compensation structures as well as the creation of staff and volunteer recruitment, development, retention, and succession strategies to support program design. Experienced facilitator and mentor providing training and technical assistance to Head Start programs at the local, state, regional and national level

Advocacy and Partnership Building: Establishment and enhancement of collaborative as well as contractual partnerships at the local and state level to support program and agency objectives.  Proven ability to work cooperatively with governing bodies and advisory groups to respond to programs and state association challenges and objectives.

Fund Development and Grant Administration: Individual and team grant writing experience for local, regional and national funding opportunities.  Execution of grant-funded programs as designated by approved proposal established regulations, and stipulations from the funding source.  Fiscal Management experience in budget planning, design and oversight for multiple funding sources exceeding $15.7 million as well as the generation and monitoring of non-federal share to meet or exceed required match.

Tony has implemented services to a variety of programs such as “Jobs for Georgia Graduates”, the Georgia Career Association, and Head Start.  Because of his close relationships with the clients that he serves, Tony is able to make a huge impact on the way that each one conducts business.

Tony, as a motivational speaker, has developed and cultivated many programs, seminars and workshops focusing on male involvement, health, education, drug awareness, and special programs designed for “at-risk” youth.  One series, in particular, is geared toward improving values, vocational skills, and work habits for both teens and adults.  He founded “You Make the Difference”, a series of seminars that include topics such as Positive Mental Attitudes, Human Relations, Organizational Development Goal Setting, and Stress Management.

Tony received his undergraduate education at Troy State University in Business Administration and Management.  He is currently attending Central Michigan University’s Masters Program in Education Administration at the University’s Fort McPherson extension.  Tony is currently president of the Council of Leadership Development and a member of the Georgia Association of Multicultural Counseling & Development.  However, he finds time to volunteer for numerous programs and organizations such as United Way, The Parent Teacher Association, and Georgia School Council, Council of In town Neighborhoods Schools, National Black Child Development Institution, “YES” Atlanta, the Youth Corps of Fulton County, and The AT&T Male Mentoring Program.

Among other things, Tony’s most notable accomplishments as Education Consultant are as follows:

Awards such as the William Thomas Award and the International Association of Employment Security’s Distinguished Service Award.

Established testing guidelines and automated reporting systems to effectively analyze and evaluate information critical to decision-making for existing, projected and future counseling programs.

Implemented numerous programs to aid “at-risk” teens in overcoming adversities through positive mental attitudes.

Voted staff person of the year for Morris Brown Head Start.