Send Color Photos and Personalized Messages

What is RIO?

  • RIO is a Noble Truth Application that allows you to easily send prints of color photos and personalized messages on quality paper at very reasonable prices.
  • Competing products offering similar services provide only black and white photos, and others are much more expensive.
  • We print your packets at our Noble Truth facility, then send them to your inmate. Each packet includes a cover page with the original sender’s mailing info.

Why RIO?

  • Our goal in building RIO was to create an app that is (1) Simple to use, (2) cheaper than the competition, (3) produces better long-lasting prints, and (4) flexible enough to work for any Federal, State or County correctional facility. We’ve achieved all these goals with our initial launch of ReachIN-Out!
  • We know it can be tough to find the time and resources to print, package and send photos and letters, not to mention how costly some of the available options are that we researched.
  • Most county facilities across the U.S. do not have an electronic email option available. RIO helps to fill that gap.
  • Many email services used by correctional facilities (i.e., in Texas) print your photos and messages on flimsy paper, in black and white. This means that much of the beauty of your photos is lost as soon as it arrives at the facility that utilizes these electronic services.
  • RIO photos are printed on durable 32lb paper.