Noble Truth is dedicated to helping those with criminal backgrounds bridge their journey to success. We understand that after our candidates are released from correctional facilities, the most critical step in their journey requires having a safe place to live, in an environment free from all the negative influences that might sabotage their success. For this reason, Noble Truth Housing Program relies on partnerships sober living communities providing a structured living environment

We guarantee housing for our clients for an average of three months. This can be extended in some cases.

One of our most important activities therefore is to intervene on behalf of the candidate, once they enter the parole process while still incarcerated. It isn’t uncommon for an inmate in the state of Texas to apply for housing at state-run halfway houses, only to receive denial letters. If they aren’t accepted and have no verified address before their release, they may be denied parole. So, once Noble Truth establishes contact with the candidate, we work with our network of private housing facilities on their behalf.  Prior to being accepted,  candidates undergo a rigorous vetting process designed to determine if they’re a good fit for our Housing Program. 

Onboarding Process

Once an inmate writes to us and requests housing assistance, the following workflow begins…

  1. We create a profile for the inmate.
  2. We send our proprietary questionnaire to the inmate via the mail (USPS).
  3. We send notification of receipt to the inmate via electronic mail.
  4. Once the questionnaire is completed and returned, evaluation & vetting begins.
  5. The Noble Truth Team conducts a preliminary review.
  6. The inmate added to our allowed call list. A telephone interview is scheduled.
  7. We Execute phone interview 
  8. Our team conducts a final review, and a Risk Level is assigned, per our proprietary rubric.
  9. If accepted, we send our Noble Truth contract to the inmate for signature. Otherwise a rejection letter is sent.
  10. The accepted candidate is now a client. We make arrangements with one of our housing partners.